Growth history of Teknovisionā€¦

Teknovision Allied Products was formed in Mumbai in the year of 1985 for manufacturing DC Tube lights and inverters for Buses and Trains. Our Inverters and Fittings for buses got approval from almost all city and state transport undertakings such as DTC Delhi, BEST Mumbai, AMTS Ahmedabad and Indian Railways. Our fittings are being used for buses for export to other countries.

In the year 1986, we started another division for Rechargeable Solid State Emergency Lights with latest technology. Our Emergency Lights give trouble free operation for years with Solid State Fully Automatic Circuits. These Lights are being sold throughout the country by our dealers and distributors network. Various Government and semi-Government organizations are in the list of our valued patrons for years.

In the year of 1993, another division was started for Electronic Ballasts and Electronic Luminaries to achieve highest energy saving i.e. power factor of our ballasts are up to 0.99. We have wide range of Luminaries and ballasts to suit every need. We are supplying our ballasts regularly to various government organizations directly or through our distributors. Our ballasts and luminaries are fully guaranteed for years.

In the year of 2002, we were the first small sector organization who achieved ISO 9001-2000 which shows our commitment to quality and service.

In the year 2005, Teknolite started LED Lightings in big way . All LED Lightings are manufactured by in-house facility. We have wide range of LED Lightings such as Indoor Lightings as well as outdoor Lightings. We have our own in house LED Driver manufacturing unit which produces high efficient drivers with maximum energy savings. In year 2011, Teknolite was first Indian company to introduce Indian made LED Panel Lights with state of art technology. Our panel lights give highest light output over the years. World class LED of Edison and Acrylic of Mitsubishi japan has been used to achieve highest quality standards.

  • We have our own Die cast Moulds for all type of LED Lightings
  • We have wide range of LED Street Lightings starting from 12W to 120W
  • We are supplying our LED Lightings to various government & semi-Government organizations
  • We are also supplying our LED Lightings to various private undertakings like Reliance Group, Mighty Group, Adlab Group, etc

Teknolite has its own offices in Delhi, Ahmedabad and Surat. We have strong distributor network throughout India to cater any demand and after sales service. To cater our valued patrons in big way, teknovison had been converted into private limited company in the year of 2012.